Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"becuz having sex with strangers is one of cornerstones of good prenatal care
submitted by S"

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE BLOODY KIDDING ME, because clowns love kids too? No wonder the circus is full of deformed creatures- poor child is going to grow up just as darranged as the rest of the world... just like the rest of the world... wow, nevermind apparently this isn't as dramatic as I previously thought. Its all the same thing- this just has a funny picture to go along with it. At least the thing will have an oddly adventurous life.
Strange- but I guess it's probably a healthier marriage than most when they both are looking for a threesome. I bet these clown parents will probably be together a lot longer than normal couples as sad as that may sound. People who know they are strange usually adhere together a lot longer than people who are convinced that they are the norm.
What's my excuse then?

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