Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dream Log

November 15th- 2010

I can’t remember the specifics but for some reason I go down to a hellish type place to be the devil’s consort. He has some type of fascination with me. This hell isn’t particularly horrible, just sort of like a dirty cramped house that goes on forever; there everyone is some how fucked up, it is really hot, smoky, and dimly lit. I sit in a room alone, and the devil walks in, he wants me of my own free will, but I feel like I have more to do back on earth and I miss Bobby. The devil sends me back as a spirit and Bobby is the only person who can see me.

I search for him for a long time, until I find him in a small wooden shack type building where he is sleeping. I go to him, tell him where I have been… we cuddle for a few moments and then hear someone break in downstairs, smashing everything and tearing through the little building. I peek through the floor boards and it is some form of military being led by Kenny. I try to yell to him telling him I am here but it is of no use. Bobby is shot through the floor boards and we return the hell.

This time hell is a city, full of gypsies, diners, bars, and people who are searching for things and people that they will never find. It is always night, there is always a faint red glow, and it is always snowing. Bobby and I are on a mission to return to earth, we aren’t ready to die. We meet a man, dressed in African garb in a diner who quietly motions for us to go outside. We all meet in the alley way, and he tells us he has a way to send our souls back into our bodies. He tells us to sit down and hands Bobby a small hook-like bone and tells him to put it a quarter of the way through his lip, he does it and hands it to me. Then he hands Bobby some bundle of herbs and tells us to inhale and we do. When we open our eyes we are lying on the ground outside a diner in Lowell and both items are on the ground covered in snow next to us.

Apparently the devil is a little angry… the apocalypse begins. There are people missing, and we are nervous. I want to go see my Dad so we hijack a car and start our way to Revere. There are cars littered everywhere and people walking aimlessly. It appears that hell has come to earth with us. Bobby needs to use the restroom so we stop at a rest area, when we get out of the car all that we hear is Obama’s voice and people cheering from miles away….

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